The Love of My Life

I recently saw this tweet from Idina Menzel and had the reaction I always have when I hear (or in this case, see) the phrase “the love of my life.” It’s the combination of a slight eye roll and a sick feeling in my stomach. The expression has long occupied a place on what some would say is my long list of pet peeves. But, before you write me off as a hater or someone who is hopelessly unromantic, hear me out.

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Paula Holt
How to Be Married: Engaging Memoir Meets Marriage Advice Book

In her recent book, journalist and author Jo Piazza opens with the story of her real life "meet cute" on a boat in the Galápagos Islands. The cuteness was so intense, she almost lost me. But, with the words “Yeah. I know.” Piazza’s self-awareness won me back. Three months later, Jo and the great guy from the boat were engaged. (Ok, she almost lost me again.)

In How to Be Married, Jo Piazza shares the experience of her first year of marriage, a year some marriage experts call the “wet cement year.” As Piazza learned from therapist Dr. Peter Peterson, the first year is a time when “both members of a couple are figuring out how to exist as partners without getting stuck in the murk, without being trapped by bad habits.”

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