Throwback Thursday: Is Tiger Tanking Good for Marriage?


Watching Tiger Woods' recent attempts to regain some of his previous stature on the golf course reminded me of something I wrote after his infidelity was revealed in 2009. Although I can't say I root for him now (mostly because I'm not a fan of golf), I believe his career paid the price for his marital failings, and I now take no pleasure in his inability to return to the top of the leader board.


Originally posted in 2010

I'm not a person who takes pleasure in other people's misfortunes, but I found myself pleased that Tiger Woods just had the worst tournament of his career. (I wasn't thrilled, mind you, I'm not a terrible person.) But, just the fact that I felt any enjoyment caused me to reflect on the source of my feelings.

On the surface, it's just good old fashioned karma. Most of us want to believe that a person who does bad things will have bad things happen to them. It comforts us to believe there is order and justice in the world. However, what I was feeling was more than wanting karmic retribution for one guy I don't know. I realized that when Tiger Woods lost, I felt something bigger. I felt like infidelity lost. I felt like breaking up a family lost.

As a society (especially one that pays so much attention to those we deem celebrities), maybe we need Tiger to lose now. He is our poster child for actions having consequences. Losing the way he did shows that his behavior was not only detrimental to his family, it was detrimental to his career. 

When I thought more about my reaction, I was surprised to find something redemptive in Tiger's struggles on the course. They give him a conscience. For the first time I saw him as somebody who might actually care about what he did, and not just a man who cared he got caught.

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