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Resolutions As a Couple…It's Not Too Late!

Although it's already January, when it comes to making resolutions I consider the first few weeks of the year a grace period. With the busy holiday season there's no real time before January 1st to sit down and reflect about goals for the upcoming year. You might scoff at the idea of making resolutions, but it can be helpful to start the year with a set of intentions to guide you. This is true for couples as well as individuals.

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The Bathroom

If you have the privilege of living alone before getting married, you know total bathroom freedom. You choose when to go, how long to stay, and what to do when you're in there. Nobody else ever needs to get anything out of a drawer. That all changes when you get married. I'm not saying it's always a bad thing because there is a certain intimacy shared between people who share a bathroom. It's just something to be prepared for if you're getting married, and something to manage if you already are.

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Children Are Not a Gift

Recently friends of mine had their third child. After two sons, this is their first girl. I was happy they were having a girl because I thought it might be nice for them to experience the other gender. I felt that way because they didn't have a third child to try for a girl. In fact, they weren't trying at all, they just weren't not trying hard enough. 

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