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Throwback Thursday: I Survived The Holidays

I see the light at the end of the holiday tunnel. Before Christmas, the light felt like a train coming toward me. An electric train to be more specific. The train my father bought my son for Christmas and then asked me to set up so my son could come down to find it on Christmas morning. My father went on to tell me that if I set it up, my son would remember seeing the train for the rest of his life. The rest of his life. No pressure there, Dad. Without going into the details of my cursing and near-tear-filled Christmas Eve, let's just say I struggled with the train.

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Challenging Husbands to Do More in the Workplace

As each day brings the news of another case of sexual harassment or assault, I find the topic occupying more of my thoughts. Who will we find out about next? When will the accused or the accuser be someone I know personally? What changes will come as a result of these revelations? Is this really the sea change that people are speculating it is? 

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How to Be Married: Engaging Memoir Meets Marriage Advice Book

In her recent book, journalist and author Jo Piazza opens with the story of her real life "meet cute" on a boat in the Galápagos Islands. The cuteness was so intense, she almost lost me. But, with the words “Yeah. I know.” Piazza’s self-awareness won me back. Three months later, Jo and the great guy from the boat were engaged. (Ok, she almost lost me again.)

In How to Be Married, Jo Piazza shares the experience of her first year of marriage, a year some marriage experts call the “wet cement year.” As Piazza learned from therapist Dr. Peter Peterson, the first year is a time when “both members of a couple are figuring out how to exist as partners without getting stuck in the murk, without being trapped by bad habits.”

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The Bathroom

If you have the privilege of living alone before getting married, you know total bathroom freedom. You choose when to go, how long to stay, and what to do when you're in there. Nobody else ever needs to get anything out of a drawer. That all changes when you get married. I'm not saying it's always a bad thing because there is a certain intimacy shared between people who share a bathroom. It's just something to be prepared for if you're getting married, and something to manage if you already are.

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